In 2021, new energy vehicles will take mobile life to a new level

The year 2021, which has just passed, has been overshadowed by the impact of the epidemic. However, new energy vehicles are on their way back, with the sudden appearance of the military.

This year is also a year for Chinese automakers to "surpass corners" in the field of new energy. In 2021, the sales of new energy vehicles in China exceeded 352100 units. Compared to the same period last year, car sales increased by 160%, surpassing the global sales of new energy vehicles in 2020.

Against the backdrop of major changes, despite experiencing a brief 'core' crisis in the industry, with strong support from the country and upstream and downstream supply chains, many Chinese automotive companies are now rapidly growing and gradually moving towards becoming a world automotive powerhouse.

The sales volume of the new army has exceeded 10000 units, reaching a new level

If you want to talk about the new power of automobile manufacturing, you cannot bypass Tesla. Although 2021 was a year of public relations crisis for Tesla, its sales and production capacity were still shocking. In 2021 alone, Tesla's shipment volume in China reached 470000 vehicles, and the monthly average shipment volume has stabilized at over 20000 vehicles in the past three months, even surpassing the same level BBA.

Fortunately, Tesla's sale did not affect Wei Xiaoli. On the contrary, with the help of Dongfeng, a series of new forces such as Wei Xiaoli and "Neizha" Zero Run gradually expanded into the Chinese market.

Throughout 2021, Xiaoming, Perfect, and Weilai will deliver over 90000 vehicles annually, with an expected output of over 100000 vehicles this year. Due to the expected 30% reduction in subsidies in the monthly shipment ranking, these three companies delivered over 10000 vehicles from November to December, and the Xiaoming Index exceeded 10000 vehicles for four consecutive months.

In short, 2021 is a year of significant growth, historical update, and record breaking for new forces in automotive production. Although it does not have the brand influence of traditional car companies, it has gradually gained consumer recognition after several rounds of product, market, and production capacity development. After sales service also has more obvious advantages than traditional 4S stores.

Traditional car companies and multinational giants entering

With the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry, in addition to many traditional car companies, many internet giants are also optimistic about the military situation and have joined in.

Until last year, many traditional car companies had not truly focused on electric vehicles. By 2021, traditional car manufacturers like BBA will invest huge efforts in developing electric vehicles.

In the first two years, each company was competing for mileage and battery capacity. By 2021, the inner roll area will fully bloom.

One is intelligent driving, which includes high-performance intelligent cabs, dozens of sensor devices, heavy-duty computing chips » In the field of intelligent driving, reducing sensor costs, improving chip computing power, and making intelligent driving performance increasingly perfect; In the field of intelligent cockpit, with the launch of 5G Tox and the improvement of human-machine intelligent interaction, cockpit intelligence has become the future sales point. The new forces in automobile manufacturing have accumulated product strength for a long time, and traditional host manufacturers are also continuously improving their intelligence capabilities.

Next is LiDAR. By 2021, the throughput of L2 will be close to 20%. It is expected that by 2025, the proportion of L3 entering the Chinese market will reach 20%, and L4 will begin to enter the market. It is expected that there will be 12 new cars equipped with LiDAR by 2022. Almost all new electric vehicles from well-known brands have joined the arms race of LiDAR.

Finally, the concept of a mobile lifestyle. Since 2021, many car manufacturers have been creating new areas for electric vehicles in mobile life. Xiaopeng and High Composition have launched P5 and Hiphix smart refrigerators. In the past, car refrigerators were limited to electricity consumption. This has always been a slow developing fuel hobby for a few people. Once combined with electric cars, it will emit light and be widely praised. It is expected that by 2025, at least 40% of trams will gradually standardize car refrigerators, with each type of refrigerator becoming increasingly intelligent, energy intensive, and spatial.

Undoubtedly, new energy is gradually becoming the theme of the modern automotive market. Expected sales of electric motors by 2022

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