Volkswagen Lavida
Lavida pure electricity is the "red" of the public to the market, it has a intimate and comfortable driving experience, and it is extremely suitable for consumers to take comfort as the primary condition for buying a car. Therefore, it has been widely praised since its listing.
The reason why Lavide pure electricity can become the star of similar cars is not only by the help of comfort, its appearance, power, space, control, fuel consumption does have excellent play, all-round presentation, to meet the needs of the vast majority of drivers.
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Model features

The design of Volkswagen Lavida retains most of the features of Volkswagen models and has been fine-tuned. Although the front is a Volkswagen family of horizontal grille, but the grille is painted white to show the difference. There are silver chrome trim strips at the edge of the center net and the lower front shovel part, and two human fishing lines are outlined on the hood, and the front layer is rich.

In-car features include forward collision warning and active braking, and support for uphill assistance to avoid slipping when starting on a ramp. The car is equipped with GPS navigation system and can display road information, support Bluetooth phone, car networking, mobile phone interconnection, and voice control recognition system. The car is equipped with PM2.5 filter device, air conditioning/pollen filter inside the car.

Front drive, but the suspension structure is front and rear four-wheel suspension, the front McPherson independent suspension, the rear multi-link independent suspension. Because it is a pure electric car, the chassis is also integrated with a large number of batteries, so this car is more stable than the single-suspension vehicle of the same class of Volkswagen, the chassis is more solid.


Front track width1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm1517mm
Rear track width1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm1493mm
Approach angle

Departure angle

Internal dimensions
cargo volume478L478L478L472L478L478L472L478L478L
Maximum expansion capacity of luggage compartment

Luggage compartment opening methodUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward liftUpward lift
Engine modelEA211EA211EA211CDEEA211EA211CDEEA211EA211
Maximum power speed5000r/min(rpm)5000r/min(rpm)5800r/min(rpm)5000r/min(rpm)5800r/min(rpm)5800r/min(rpm)5000r/min(rpm)5800r/min(rpm)5800r/min(rpm)
MAXIMUM TORQUE225Nm225Nm155Nm155Nm155Nm155Nm155Nm155Nm155Nm
Maximum torque speed1400-3500r/min(rpm)1400-3500r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)3800r/min(rpm)
Cylinder arrangement typeLLLLLLLLL
engine positionpre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-
Air intake typeTurboTurboNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspirated
valve train444444444
Compression ratio



cast ironcast ironaluminum alloycast ironaluminum alloyaluminum alloycast ironaluminum alloyaluminum alloyaluminum alloy
Environmental standardsGuo4, Jing5Guo4, Jing5Guo4, Jing5Guo4Guo4, Jing5Guo4, Jing5Guo4Guo4, Jing5Guo4, Jing5
Maximum horsepower


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The company is committed to providing customers with a variety of high-performance, competitively priced multi fuel vehicles, plug-in hybrid, and pure electric engine vehicles

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We have exported to many countries, including Asia, Europe, South America, North America, Africa, Oceania, etc. At the same time, we also have our distributors in many countries. The after-sales guarantee system is as perfect as possible, and the series of accessories can be free of charge. As a gift, please feel free to contact us if you want to know!

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Q: I have never ridden a electric car. Are Electric car easy to ride?

A: Electric car are remarkably easy to ride, and most people need only a few minutes to become comfortable on them.


Q: Are electric car safe to ride on city streets?

A: All electric car are for street use. In many urban neighborhoods, you may find your electric car navigates narrow streets and passages more easily than your car. Because your electric car is a relatively small vehicle, you should always drive cautiously and defensively.


Q: How do I recharge my electric car?

A: Simple-just plug it in! Each new car comes with a small charging device. Even if you have used up almost all your charge, in a mere 6-8 hours, your electric car has a full charge and is ready to go. Charge it at home overnight, or charge it at the office while you work! The charger is small enough to easily fit in a backpack or in the rear storage compartment.


Q: What is your packing and payment?

A: Wooden case or iron frame or as per customer’s specific request.

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A: By sea

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   Payment completed, China delivery time 15 days to Bishkek

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