Venucia D60
In terms of rear styling, the new car's taillights feature a black border and silver chrome strip design, creating a personalized visual effect. The English name "Venucia" of Qichen is also printed on the trunk cover between the taillights, but its rear styling is slightly bland compared to the front of the car. In terms of body size, its length, width, and height are 4756/1803/1487mm, and its wheelbase is 2700mm.
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Model features

The length of the Venucia D60 is 4756mm, the body width reaches 1803mm, and the wheelbase is 2701mm. These are quite satisfactory data. Among models of the same level, the wheelbase of the Venucia D60 ranks third. The interior space in the car is relatively spacious for its class. The height and width of the car are ideal, and the rear legroom does not feel cramped. It is at the upper-middle level in its class.


The sunroof of Venucia D601.6LCVT Changxing Edition provides a larger field of view, can create a better visual environment and good sensitivity for rear passengers, and increases the light intake for the entire vehicle. Among models of the same price and level, Venucia D60 ranks first in terms of trunk volume.


Vehicle size and mass
curb weight(kg)1505/1487✶
Luggage compartment volume(L)525
dynamical system
TypeTernary lithium battery
Battery capacity(kWh)50
CLTC comprehensive operating range(km)- / 410 ✶
NEDC comprehensive operating range(km)405 / 421 ✶
Comprehensive power consumption under operating conditions(kWh/100km)12.9
Motor typePermanent magnet synchronous motor
Motor peak power(kW)120
Motor peak torque(N·m)250 / 280 ✶
drag coefficient(Cd)0.27
0-50km/h acceleration time(s)4.4 / 4.3 ✶
maximum speed(km/h)140
30%~80%,200AFast charging time(min)30 / ≤33 ✶
30%~100%Slow charging time(h)6 / ≤5.8 ✶
Battery intelligent temperature control system
Efficient energy recovery system
Driving mechanism
minimum turning radius(m)5.7
Minimum ground clearance (unloaded)(mm)140
Suspension system (front)McPherson independent suspension
Suspension system (rear)Torsion beam non independent suspension
Braking system (front/rear)Ventilation disc/disc type
Tire Size195/60R16
Starry Sky Aesthetics
V-galaxy New family style front face
'Star Eyes' Projective Halogen Headlamps
Follow me home(Headlight delay off function)
Rear fog lights
Electric adjustment of exterior rearview mirror
Integrated turn signal for exterior rearview mirror-----
External rearview mirror with defogging heating function-----
Power sunroof----
Window/rear windshield sun protection and thermal insulation glass
16 inch steel rims----
16 inch "Starlight" aluminum alloy wheels-
Speed sensing automatic adjustment boneless wiper
Wide and adaptable space
Pilot guided surround cockpit
Ergonomic electronic gear lever
Multifunctional steering wheel (with control keys)
Leather steering wheel----
Bidirectional adjustment of steering wheel up and down
Velvet fabric seats----
Luxury leather seats-
Front passenger side sunshade with mirror
Curtain type multifunctional storage center armrest box
Rear seats with central headrests----
Rear center armrest with cup holder----
Driver's one click lift anti pinch window
Efficient and energy-saving air conditioning
Rear exhaust vent---
Activated carbon air filtration system (with PM2.5 filtration function)
Real time display of PM2.5 air quality---
PM2.5 automatic filtration and purification system---
Front and rear double row indoor lights
Luggage compartment lighting
12V power socket
USB interfaceFront ●/Rear-Front ●/Rear-Front ●/Rear-Front ●/Rear-Front ●/Rear- [3]

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