Beijing Hyundai Elantra
The Hyundai Elantra is a typical Korean car with a 16 valve engine and an acceleration time of 12.3 seconds. As Hyundai's best-selling model overseas, it has gone through six generations. The Beijing Hyundai Elantra is based on its sixth generation model, slightly improved according to China's road conditions and climate environment, and has been praised for its rich configuration and relatively high cost-effectiveness.
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Model features

The interior lines of the Elantra are relatively simple, and the beige color scheme is very fresh. The center console and door armrests are also paired with matte metal texture decorative panels, making it very fashionable. The plastic parts of the dashboard have a decent texture and do not give people a particularly cheap feeling. Of course, if you nitpick the flaws, there are still some areas where the assembly quality is not good. However, overall, such craftsmanship and quality are no different from some domestically produced European or Japanese cars.

The Beijing Hyundai Elantra series is equipped with two types of engines: 1.6-liter and 1.8-liter. The 1.6L model is equipped with an inline 4-cylinder dual overhead camshaft and a 16 valve engine. In actual driving, the power of the car seems to be unsatisfactory, making it difficult for people to obtain a driving experience that matches it. Someone once complained that even if the accelerator was fully pressed, the engine roared, and the speedometer continued to climb slowly.


LevelCompact carCompact car
Energy typegasolinegasoline
Time to market20232023
Maximum power (kW)84.5103
Maximum torque (N · m)143.9211
Engine1.5L 115 horsepower L41.4T 140 horsepower L4
TransmissionCVT continuously variable transmission7-speed dry dual clutch
L * W * H (mm)4720*1810*14154725*1810*1415
Body structure4-door 5-seater sedan4-door 5-seater sedan
Maximum speed (km/h)190208
Official 0-100km/h acceleration (s)--
WLTC comprehensive fuel consumption (L/100km)5.366.10
Vehicle warranty3 years or 100000 kilometers3 years or 100000 kilometers
First Car Owner Warranty Policy--

Length (mm)47204725
Width (mm)18101810
Height (mm)14151415
Wheelbase (mm)27202720
Front wheelbase (mm)--
Rear wheelbase (mm)--
Approach angle (°)--
Departure angle (°)--
Body structurenotchbacknotchback
Door opening methodside hung doorside hung door
Number of car doors44
Seating capacity55
Fuel tank volume (L)4747
Rear trunk volume (L)474474
Curb weight (kg)12081322
Maximum Full Load Mass (kg)--

Engine model--
Displacement (mL)14971353
Air intake formNaturally aspiratedNaturally aspirated
Engine layoutTransverseTransverse
Number of cylinders44
Valve trainDOHCDOHC
Maximum power (kW)84.5103
Maximum power speed (rpm)63006000
Maximum torque (N · m)143.9211
Maximum torque speed (rpm)45001400-4300
Fuel formgasolinegasoline
Fuel supply methodmultijetDirect injection
Cylinder head materialaluminum alloyaluminum alloy
Cylinder body materialaluminum alloyaluminum alloy

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